Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I've been up to.

  1. Setting up strobe lights in a hockey arena.
  2. Getting up at 4:30am and drive 1-1/2hr to photograph hockey games all day.
  3. Get some really good sports photo tips and work with a guy that shoots the Detroit Lions and other big games.
  4. Ride in a Power Parachute to take pictures over a wedding
  5. Play some fun volleyball after the wedding
And maybe I'll post a few pictures of each if I go into town soon


sarah m said...

Sounds really cool! I love hockey. :P Love to see some pics!

Gabrielle said...

I'm jealous! You sounds like you're having totally too much fun!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is your job you're talking about??? *grins* Sounds fun!!!

Abby said...

Wow, I haven't visited your blog in awhile---you've been busy. I just wanted to tell you great job on the photos you've been shooting!! They look great!! I bet that's very exciting having the 5D to shoot with!! I'm wanting to get the 40D hopefully in the near future---maybe you can give me tips with it, even though you have the 5D? It's okay if you can't, or don't have time to. :) Again, great photos!!!

Seth said...

Thanks Abby, I actually dont have a 5D, I have the 40D.

And actually, I would recommend you get the Canon 50D, it came out a few weeks ago to replace the 40D. It has some good improvements over the 40D like, Better ISO, better LCD, part weather sealing, and it has 15 Megapixel. It came out at same price the 40D did a year ago. Give it a few months and the price will drop $100 or maybe more.