Monday, September 15, 2008


Leah said...

I want to take pictures like you when I grow up. LOL. :D

morgan said...

me too. ;)

hey! i recognize the font you's called "Bleeding Cowboy" from, right? i used it in our family header.


PS i've got a family friend that builds computers and does hard drive retrieval that is getting everything off of my drive...for free because he knows my parents and grandparents. =D

Peacheys+Yoders said...

Hey lydia!
Um actually we just got back from MI. -I didn't think of it that ya'll live out there too...would've been fun to see you guys. -maybe another time!?

btw. the portrait is amazing Seth!

Anonymous said...

I like the snazzy car! Nice pose too. Looks good! ~guess who

puppetgirl said...

Yep! I recognized the Bleeding Cowboy too... I use it in my scrapbooking. Kind of appropriate too, since you used it on a picture of a born and bred Texan!

Courtney Michelle Photography said...

Really great! And I love the font, looks really professional. Great lighting in the picture!