Thursday, September 18, 2008

One from the other night.

My internet isnt letting me add more pictures right now


Anonymous said... look gorgeous!!!!!!! Three cheers for Seth...Hurrah hurrah hurrah hurrah (What can I say....I was house trained:)Heh!!Heh!!! Heh!!

Anonymous said...

awesome picture!! Naomi looks great!

Marlene said...

Hey! What an awesome photo, Seth! Naomi looks just gorgeous!!

puppetgirl said...

Well everyone already said it, but that IS a great picture of Naomi! Bee-you-tee-muss!

Anonymous said...

i love it!! an awesome picture of naomi. geneva

The Chmelars said...

great pic seth thanks for putting it up.

how's the developments coming on the high speed internet? :) the jury's still out on it here in keota. :)

ttyl... tiff