Friday, March 7, 2008


This is what happens every time we get a snow storm....someone go's off the road at this one spot every time! This time it was a school bus....I don't think anyone was really hurt and I didn't have time to stop and get some "good" pix.....

Is this going to come true??


Nicole said...

awww! i said i'm jealous! i'm holdin' out for one more big iowa snow storm yet this year... we'll see. so ya'll just enjoy yours for me. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! We have about six inches here(Dalton). Dad is on his way home and he said it's a sheet of ice there, (North of Columbus). One of our friends said that it took a trucker about 1 1/2 hours to go someplace only twenty minutes from where he was. We are hoping he will be home before it gets any worse. Twila

The Chmelars said...

i want spring to come! but i guess a watch pot never boils.


Fonda said...

okay, so i see i haven't been on here 4 a while!!
we're supposed to get 14 in., and i sure hope we do!!
and great ice pics!!
i like the last pic on March 4's post. =)
nice tourist pic, too!
and the bridesmaid's dresses are beautiful!!
well, better go. great pics! ~Fonda

Anonymous said...

Where was the accident?? I don't recognize the area.

Treaty Line Farm said...

Hey, If you aren't snowbound you can come over and go sking snowboarding sometime! The Kislings

shuttersbuddy said...

It came true and is coming true more and more!

Nicole said...

simply tragical.
but, ok. don't you think people would get the picture by now?!
ya'll be careful. it's a bad place from what i hear.

Leah said...

Have fun in all the snow, sonny! ;) LOL.

Morgan Coy said...

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