Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This is what a Carhartt looks like after its been worn by 4 people


Anonymous said...

YES you finally posted!!!
that is so funny....hand me downs are the best*wink*
thank you for posting:)
*the blog addict sister #2

Anonymous said...

you should of heard the shouts that rang through the house as the blog addict sister #2 proclaimed the news that 'snapped-it' finally snapped out of his own little world
and posted.
i love hand me downs. each hole and tear has a story to tell. familes are the best. but big familes are the bestest! great pictures seth, once again you've wowed me! :)
-the blog addicts sister-

Leah said...

OH! That jacket would be totally PERFECT for IPS!! ;) LOL...

Anonymous said...

lol great pics! i hadn't seen your last three posts, so i'll comment on all of them. i love those pics of your food. lol the last one was hilarious! was it any good?? i think i'd kinda loose my appetite after the second pic. lol
c u,

Anonymous said...

oh yah.
total niceness.
amos has the complete look of style.
the B.A.

photographybysusie said...

that first pic is very cool....along with the jacket. :)

Naomi said...

Very nice! like the first one.

liberty said...

That looks almost identical to one of my brothers!