Thursday, March 20, 2008

More to come later.


Nicole said...

it's very -- springy!
we need as much encouragement as we can get, northern iowa is expecting about 10 inches of snow tonight. we hope that we miss out cuz spring is in our bones.
good times.

Seth said...

tomato starts :)

Nicole said...

nicole that is not grass. i believe that is some sort of sprout of some sort. honey, you always misinterpret their pictures. but it's okay... that's why you have me.
great picture seth... once again i know why your in the buisness that your in. :) can't wait to see more!
p.s. sorry i haven't been incomunicado lately. been snowed under lots of teen pact homework! AHHHHHHHHH
and since nic is already signed in i'm not going to unsign and then resign... and this is getting really confussing so i'll shut up.

morgan said...

This is really awesome-I like's very 'Irish'. =)