Friday, February 29, 2008

More wedding pictures!

Well people, here I am with more pictures. I've been kinda sick for the past few days (along with some of the others) so thats why I haven't been posting....

Amos took the first 3 pictures being I was in the wedding party. sister-in-law


the other groomsmen

the groom/my bro/Daniel


the host and hostess.....our cousins


Nicole said...

Aww! How fun!
Thanks for posting! I really like the violin one and also the last of Daniel and Janel!
Btw, thought I would let you know, Seth, that Jodi Gehman was surprised that we knew you, cuz she's been on your blog here and is really impressed with your great photog work! Thought I would pass that on!
Keep it up!

Leah said...

Great photos!!

Angie said...

Look at that good lookin' host and hostess!! *grin* Love the pictures of Janel, and yeah, that last one of her and Daniel was great!

~Bryant said...

I've been visiting your blog for a while, and finally decided to leave a comment.
The pictures are just gorgeous. Great job!

Treaty Line Farm said...

Great photos! I really like the one of Joanna playing the violin and also the one of your sisters and the last one of Danile and Janel!

nc said...

aww..beautiful wedding...beautiful couple and beautiful bridal party!!;)