Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Edit: Have y'all seen the moon?
I'll be back with pictures of it in a few min's.

Here it is, the eclipse!
This is the best I could get with the lens I have.


The Chmelars said...

hey seth... i give you ten thousand points for updating your blog the most out of all the blogs i read! so... go you!
beautiful picture! i am always amazed by the vibrant colors of Gods creation!
have an amazing day... tiff

Anonymous said...

Hey Seth, I really like how you keep your blog updated. I wish others would do the same. We really enjoy your pictures. Keep up the good work. Twila Miller

nc said...

cool picture! it makes you realize how beautiful a peach actually is!

Treaty Line Farm said...

Hey Seth,
The moon was beautiful last night. What a excellant picture you got! Keep up the great photography! Marlene