Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Shabby Apple dresses" - concepts

C 1 - Inspired by a Clutch
color: white with black accents.
or print.
Fabric: cotton blend or knit

C 2 - Inspired by vintage clothing.
Fabric: Linen blend
colors: shades of green, pale pink/peach or golden yellow
(like the first spring flowers)

C 3 - Inspired by all the ruffles of the season.
color: shades of grey or dusty blue.

C 4 - Inspiration for this dress came from a couple different knit shirts
Fabric: knit/jersey fabric


Hannah Jane said...

tell me when you win! :)

puppetgirl said...

WooHoo!! They look great!

Rachel said...

Wow! Your really good at drawing!!! I really like the first and third dresses :)

Great blog too!


Anonymous said...

better than i can draw lol

M*a*N*d*y! said...

Wow thats sooooo goodd! =) =) I like the 3rd one alot!

Anonymous said...

i love the vintage one!(the second one) it's my best:) the jacket is REALLY cute too!
luv you