Monday, April 20, 2009

The Big Photography News!

I now have a website!
And a new blog!
With Big Nice clear pictures!
And offer Photo Books!
And offer Photo Albums!
And Photo Slide shows!
And Many more cool things that Im working on!

Im hyped about really making a go with this and whats in store for this year!



The Website is still under construction but getting close to done!
All this Awesome web stuff has been done by my brother Amos. He does a amazing job at web design. He wrote up all the code for my sites and everything so big thanks to him for getting this going.

Yes, I'm still going to post on this "Snapped-it" blog. I just needed something with bigger photos, more customizing and all that good stuff for clients. I'll probably post short updates to this blog with my cell phone a little more often. Also, Im on facebook a little more so look me up there as well.

Here are a few other pictures.


Leah said...

Woohoo! Go you!

You've got some awesome images there...

Anonymous said...

I'm not a photographer... but this is exciting!

Wesley Brubaker said...

It's all just SUPER COOL!!!
(oh yeah... and I had heard about this) :)

fonda said...

awesome! and congrats! =)

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Seth....Hoorah!! Hoorah!! Hoorah!! Hoorah!!....wait that was four....we're house trained:) Nice new lil website and such and all the same and so forth....:)Kale 'n' Kris

Johan said...

Cool! I like it a lot.

Gabrielle said...

going pro huh and leaving us all behind? :)