Tuesday, July 22, 2008


fonda said...

okay, now i'm wishing for September............ the Canfield Fair -- it's 10 minutes from our place, and the largest in the state. i'm just gonna have to stop looking at your site until you stop putting those pictures on. ;) ok, kidding

great pictures, btw

Anonymous said...

is this your county fair or state? cause if it's your county fair those rides look a ton better then our county fair rides. :/ :)

those are really great! and i think i just might need to get some of those line shades. :) jk.


morgan said...

aaa! our county fair is 3 weeks from tomorrow! CAN'T WAIT! it's one of the largest in the country. and...i think i gain 10 lbs with all the BBQ pork sandwiches i consume. then again, i probably walk 3 or 4 miles each time I'm at the fair so it balances out really! =-)