Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New HDR Photos


Leah said...

Great pics!! Love the building.

Nicole said...

i'm lovin' it!

Fonda said...

sweet pic! (the last one) the first one is cool, too. that effect makes it look really awesome! almost reminds me of a scene right before or right in the beginning of a tornado or something.

The Chmelars said...

okay nic. who is sitting on the chair in the last post? nobody give her a hint. she has to figure it out by herself. you can do it nic! of course i already know.

once again seth. you've blown me away! :)


Nicole said...

Tiff -
why are we wasting valuable comment space with this type of blubbering???
it's amos.
i love you sis.
we'll talk to you soon.