Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Phoebe and Cotton

Little sis Phoebe

I took both pictures this past Sunday night.
Have a good day!


_liberty_dlp_ said...

That last picture is really cool!

A friend sent me a link to you blog the other day. After looking through quite a few posts, I really like the colors in the pix. Do you edit a lot of them or is most of it done with the camera? What settings do you use?

Fonda said...

Cool pics!

Audrey Yoder said...

Phoebe looks a lot like Sarah in that picture!! The cotton picture looks great!!

Jacob said...

This is some of the keenest art I've seen in a long time. You always remind me why my favorite visual art is photography. :)

Thanks for sharing; keep it up! Peace. --Jacob